mid-week catch up [6]

This week was pretty chill up until yesterday when I had a small breakdown, but it was due so that was fine.

I spent the last Thursday and Friday going through the usual routine of work, home, food and bed. On Friday I almost impulse bought a Switch, however, my enthusiasm was ruined when I realised that Animal Crossing wasn’t going to be released until next year. Upsetting. It’ll probably teach me to check release dates before getting hyped though.

On Saturday I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with myself. It was one of those days where you wake up far too early and have no plans, and you just feel weird. To boost my spirits, I went on a shopping trip and made some superbly dumb purchases. I excused my behaviour by telling myself that it was my birthday weekend and that I could do what I want.

Sunday was my birthday and I turned 22. I’m still a little peeved that nobody played Taylor Swift’s 22 for me. Maybe Matt thought it wasn’t necessary since I got him a Taylor themed cake for his 22nd. I enjoyed the day though, we had a lazy start and didn’t get up until 11. Matt gave me a gift which was beyond cool; it’s a collection of illustrations for Dante’s The Divine Comedy. I’m sure everyone knows that Dante is my boy, so I very much appreciated it.

In the afternoon I’d booked to visit the Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery. I’d already visited a segment of it earlier this year as the drawings were exhibited across the UK in groups of 12. This was the complete collection though and it was stunning. I’ve got a post half drafted so I can have a more in-depth discussion on it. In short though, if you have the change to go, GO!

Going back to work sucked, I wasn’t in the mood at all. The day wasn’t too bad, but I was drained, and in the evening we were seeing State Champs so I needed to gather my last reserves of energy. For once it didn’t take much, I think the sheer excitement of seeing so many friends got to me. The show was fun, definitely not my favourite Champs show, but good nonetheless. I also enjoyed the ride home, which reminds me that I still need to send petrol money over.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been this tired. The day was terrible, I had a pain flare up and I didn’t feel real. I got home, had dinner and was in bed for 8. I’d been crying from the moment I got in and I still can’t figure out what really caused it. It was needed though, and I felt much better this morning.

Today I had a half day at work, so I got to work from home. I love working from home because I can enjoy absolutely any snack I want to, and at any time. It’s also so much more relaxed. I wish I could do it every day.

This afternoon sucked though. I had to go to the hospital to find out the results of my endoscopy, and it was a complete waste of my time. They still can’t figure out what’s wrong with me, so that traumatic experience wasn’t necessary. I’ve had a few more tests booked in, but I’m really not hopeful. I’ve been trying to be taken seriously and to get a diagnosis since I was 8, and I have gotten nowhere.

Despite my current mixed emotions, I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. This weekend I’m either going to be taking Matt’s sister to see Goldsmiths or checking out West End Live. Fingers crossed I get a healthy mix of both!

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